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Eivy Flodin
Eivy Flodin
Eivy Flodin
Eivy Flodin
“It´s wonderful and a bit surreal that my grandmother opened this doors with a dream to make women more confident about them selfs and here we are 40 years later with the same goal.”
Olivia Flodin

The story about Eivy Flodin

Ever since the day that Eivy Flodin walked into a beauty salong for the fist time she have felt that joy for beauty and chicness. She understood in the young age of 15 that the beautyindastry was something special for her. She had to do something with her big passion and Eivy Flodin was soon to be youngest student to attend at Stockholms greatest schools of beauty. 

After the studies she realized that there was only one place to be if you wanted to work with the greatest celebrities and fashion creators and that place was Paris. So she packed her bags and went. Without knowing anyone, without having a place to stay and just a few words of fresh the train rolled into Paris.

The time went by and her talent was a fact. She was hired as a make-up artist and stylist for all the big fashion shows so as Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.. But she was also a personal make-up artist for celebrities so as Elisabeth Tailor.


Eivy Flodin

During her time in Paris she was a reporter and wrote about fashion-trends for fashion-magazines in Sweden. She was often on TV to discuss chicness and how to do your own make-up and hair. 

After her years in Paris she was longing for Stockholm and with her great experience she became the most wanted make-up artist in Sweden and was often hired for the royalcourt. 


1978, Eivy Flodin Parfymeri

Eivy wanted to do something new and after a lot of beauty-trips around the world she wanted to do something home in Stockholm. 

She decided to start her own Boutique and parfumerie. She desired to have that personal-service that exclusive feeling. “Everyone should be welcomed because everyone have their right to look fabulous” - was her philosophy.

1978 the doors was opened at Nybrogatan and costumers from around the country came to get their beautyrecommendations. Some of the costumers came from the famous building right by "Dramaten" and Ingrid Bergman was one of many costumers at Eivy Flodin Parfymeri.

At this time Eivy´s daughter Carolina had been started to work in the boutique and she was as passioned as her mother. Carolina was creative and loved the make-up and perfumes but she also had a passion for design and handmade jewelry. 

They started to work tighter with designers from Italy and France to get that unique accessory-design that they were looking for and soon their design was a success.


" It was one time when I called my mother from Paris and told her that I had found something very special. It was hard to describe. It was like a rubberband with beautiful fabric sewn around it. My mother didn't understand what I was trying to describe but this was the first scrunchies ever made and a few week later everyone was wearing it" - Carolina Flodin

Carolina Flodin


It was not a surprise that the even third generation Flodin was inspired and passioned about fashion and beauty. 

"I have been following my mother and grandmother for business trips to Paris since I was 10 years old. To have that experience with those two powerful women are the best experience you can ask for. So much love, so much passion and so many laughs." - Olivia

With a passion for powerful women

Carolina and Olivia are working hard to always put the styling and costumer-service first. 

" For us it´s important that you feel like home, that you can try different styles and have the opportunity to learn something new about your own look when you are visiting us. The best feeling for us is when you come in with your hair hanging and leaving us ready for the Nobel prizes or just a friday-drink" - Olivia Flodin


Olivia Flodin

The Passion for chicness stays in the family-buisess.

"For us it´s was important to always develop and try new things because thats a part of who we are. But in a world full of changes we promise you to always stay genuine and shiny" - Carolina Flodin

"Eivy Flodin Parfymerie" turs 40 years and they are looking forward to at least 40 more.

" It´s wonderful and a bit surreal that my grandmother opened this doors with a dream to make women more confident about them selfs and here we are 40 years later and have the same desire" - Olivia Flodin


To follow the story about "Eivy Flodin" more closely follow on @Eivyflodin at Instagram and Facebook.

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